Not So Secret – RAB Radio Meeting about Digital

Radio executives are still confused about this thing called the Internet. Many wish it would go away. Some want to hold on a bit longer so they can cash out.

At the recent 2012 NAB Radio Show in Dallas, many broadcasting big wigs gathered to debate, listen to presentations and talk streaming strategies. Of course ….only a large handful was told about a particular meeting. It was secret. Sorta.
Some call this… ‘the blind leading the blind’. Some call this business as usual for too many Radio executives. The agenda below is quite telling; this so-called ‘secret meeting’ was packed with presentations from Radio insiders. Could some be there just to push their own agenda and vendor products.

From RadioINK Magazine:

It’s an all day event starting at 7:45. But, while Radio Show attendees are attending pre-promoted and well-choreographed panels and Super Sessions, the real issue of radio’s future is being debated quietly. The group, minus anyone from Clear Channel or Cumulus, will be meeting in the Rosetta Room at the Hilton Anatole to discuss “The Future of Digital Radio

This is not a session or panel located on either the NAB or RAB Radio Show agenda websites but certainly looks like it would draw a nice crowd and useful ideas if it were. It’s called “The Digital Working Group” and here’s their full agenda and who’s slated to attend. There have been no press releases sent to Radio Ink regarding this meeting or agenda.


      • Research: Magid, Brent Magid and Natalie Clayton
      • TuneIn Presentation – John Donham
      • Streaming Discussion/Action Items
      • Research: Jacobs Media, Fred Jacobs
      • Personalized Music – Raditaz, Tom Brophy
      • Research: ComScore, Christy Brinnehl
      • Digital Radio: Jeff Smulyan (FM Chip), Bob Struble, Paul Brenner, Rick Cummings
      • Kelly Cole, EVP NAB, Music Licensing Fees and Legislation
      • Erica Farber, CEO RAB
      • Research – Coleman Insights, Sam Milkman
      • Research – Smith Geiger, Mark Toney
      • Personalized Music: Social Radio, Carl Magnuson
      • Personalized Music: AccuRadio, Kurt Hanson and John Gehron
      • Research – Edison, Larry Rosin

List of attendees that were invited:


·         Caroline Beasley, EVP/CFO
·         Mike Cooney, VP/CTO
·         Kathleen Bricketto, VP Interactive
·         Kimberly Sonneborn, VP Digital Design


·         Jeff Simpson, President/CEO
·         Mike Dowdle, VP Business Affairs/General Counsel


·         Kim Guthrie, SVP Radio
·         Rich Reiss, VP Digital Operations
·         Leon Levitt, VP Strategy
·         Dave Siegler, VP Tech Operations
·         Alan Segal, Senior Director, Strategy
·         Sandhi Kozsuch, Senior Director, Strategy


·         Rick Cummings, President, Programming
·         Angie May-Cook, VP of Digital
·         Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming
·         Bruce Walden, VP Sales
·         Chase Rupe, VP Programming
·         Deb Esayian, Co-President Emmis Interactive


·         Tim Murphy, VP Digital Strategy
–         Amy Van Hook, Director Digital Operations


–         John Dille, President/CEO
·         James Derby, CSO

Greater Media

·         Buzz Knight, VP of Programming
·         Jennifer Williams, Interactive Marketing Director


·         Bruce Reese, CEO
·         Dave Bestler, EVP/CFO
·         Greg Solk, SVP
·         Mark Preston, VP Digital Media

·         Don Benson, CEO
·         John Dimick, SVP Programming
·         Tom Jackson, Manager of Digital – PHONE

Radio One

·         Dan Shelley, General Manager, Digital


·         Steve Goldstein, EVP
·         Warren Lada, EVP


·         Dave Santrella, President
·         Rodney Whitaker, Director of Digital


(9/19/2012 6:23:19 PM)
Group think doesn’t have big track record of success. A big group just means more talk and watered down initiatives as everyone strives for consensus.

– Corner Office
(9/19/2012 5:34:22 PM)
This stinks to high heaven. I guess the rest of us out here aren’t good enough for this group. This despite the fact that our company has been on the Web since 1993, streaming since 1995 and (shockingly!) makes money at digital. And, I thought the RAB was an organization that is supposed to represent ALL of radio, not the chosen few.

– Mark Weidel – GM, DBC Interactive


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