Old School Email Marketing. More Important, More Effective Than Ever.

It’s not sexy, but good old-fashioned email is still the most effective way to communicate and market online. Fans of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube understandably don’t agree. What’s not to love about ‘free’?

Fact: Reliable, permission-based marketing cuts through the clutter and land-mines associated with social media.

To be sure, we still leverage the free, social media platforms. They help drive traffic to our main websites, DownbeachBUZZ.com, ACprimetime.com and BrigantineNOW.com.

But, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. See: Example of Digital Share-Cropping.

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Risk: Building your business on a 3rd party, free, online platform. You could find yourself victim of a spectacular bait & switch. You might get banned. Even worse, you could be shadow-banned…or de-platformed.

Professional email marketing costs money. It takes time. Much more effort. But as you can see below, quality content from a trusted source, can quickly grow your email subscriber count, open rate…and click-thru rate.

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