Web 101 for Local Business

As a former Online Sales Director in Philadelphia, I was invited to speak at a local chamber of commerce. A group of local business owners wanted to learn about digital marketing and how Internet marketing could help their business. When my talk was over, we were surrounded by those looking for help.

The light bulb went off. That’s why we keep perfecting the art of putting on ‘Web Marketing 101 for Local Business’ workshops. (over 500 events so far)

We know what works…and what doesn’t. We’ve learned from our many successes and those handful of failures. In just 90 minutes, Web 101 attendees gain confidence about marketing their business on the web.

These ‘Web 101 for Local Business’ events really work. Here’s the slide deck from Web 101 for Local Business event in Myrtle Beach. FEB 18, 2014.