What Happens When Local Newspapers Downsize or Shut Down.

Cities where newspapers shut down or downsize too much, see increase in government costs. Why? Lack of scrutiny over local deals, say researchers tracking the decline of local news outlets.

When local newspapers scale back operations, local communities lose out. When the cat is away…. mice will play. Politicos take liberties when no one holds them accountable.

Too many local newspapers have become nothing more than PR machines for those who pay. Elected officials and public employee unions are more apt to reach into the taxpayer cookie jar and help themselves.

One of journalism’s most important functions: act as a watchdog over local government. Most papers fail miserably with that task. Local citizens suffer financial consequences with poor or no investigative journalism.

Disruptions in local news coverage invite higher long-term borrowing costs and wasteful spending for cities.

Warren Buffet Says Newspapers are Toast. Berkshire’s BH Media. WATCH VIDEO BELOW.

As print & broadcast audience fades, advertisers spend less on TV, Radio & Newspaper, and more on digital marketing.

VIDEO: Warren Buffet Calls Newspapers TOAST.

Warren Buffett, owns the Press of Atlantic City as well as other publications. He doesn’t think most newspapers can be saved. Most newspapers are “toast”, says Buffett.

Buffett reaffirmed his death sentence for the newspaper industry in a recent interview with Yahoo News. Warren Buffett said: after decades of being great businesses, Newspapers have gradually declined in the internet-era and that most newspapers are “toast.”

BH MEDIA sub-contracts work out to Lee Enterprises Inc., who manages its newspapers and digital operations in 30 markets, including Atlantic City.

Ads are considered news to most people. It upsets people in the newsrooms to talk that way. Ads are most important editorial content…from standpoint of the reader.

Newspaper business disrupted by technology and the ad business. Their pivot to political activism did not help. Newspaper websites must be managed by business oriented leader, not a Social Justice Warrior.

Newspapers place too much focus on national politics. Virtually ignore rampant local corruption.

Buffett says newspapers are going to disappear.

Civic watchdogs are filling the void. See Margate Homeowners Association, and Ocean City NJ’s Fairness in Taxes.

Ignorance is not bliss. What the public doesn’t know, winds up hurting them. See: The Hidden Costs of Losing Your City’s Newspaper

Attempt to control the narrative, instead of executing much needed, local watchdog journalism.

‘People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.’

One study in particular found that when a local newspaper closes, voters are 1.9 percent more likely to vote for the same party for president and senator, instead of voting across party lines. That may not seem statistically significant, but the researchers noted it can be enough to swing an election one way or another.

Newspaper closures and large-scale layoffs. Nearly 1,800 newspapers closed between 2004 and 2018

Approx 400 online-only local news sites have sprung up to fill the void. ACprimetime, DownbeachBUZZ and BrigantineNOW are 3 such sites. Hyper-local news and marketing powered by WordPress.

Facebook struggled to expand its local-news offerings. Says they couldn’t find enough local stories. We think FB was looking in all the WRONG places.

Local Radio & TV news still breathing, but in serious decline. It’s coverage too broad. Misses most important local stuff. Newspapers no longer economically sustainable. Monopoly is long over.

“Studies show that those lacking access to reliable local news—especially newspapers—are less informed about politics, less civically engaged, and less likely to vote,” Pickard said. “Without local journalists, there is also less accountability and a rise of corruption and mismanagement in local governments.


It’s tragic for not just the journalists losing their careers. It’s tragic for the public that depends on those journalists to keep them informed about city councils, local elections,

One politician joked about lack of news coverage, ”Hey that means we can do whatever we want” — because fewer of the newspaper’s resources may go to the watchdog role of covering city government.

Rep. Jeff Bridges, D-Denver, said less reporting is a blow to democracy. “If there’s not a news story about it, then it didn’t happen,” he said. “And that’s both for the great things that we’re doing here at the statehouse and for the terrible things that some folks are doing here at the statehouse. It allows more room for bad actors to get away with things, and we want to make sure we have that sunlight.”

When a town loses its local paper, residents tend to lean more on highly-polarized, purely-partisan national coverage of issues, reducing the number of locals who are willing to vote across party lines.

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