Web 101 for Local Business Workshops

Why We Started Get Smart Digital

Frustrated by digital growth? So were we. That’s why we started Get Smart Digital. We’re all about local, online sales strategy…..that works NOW…..not sometime in the future. We’re known for blunt, yet highly effective methods that push you to run your website as a ‘profit-first’ business. First, we remove common choke-points that stunt your digital growth. Then we…
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Building Business on Facebook is Crazy

For years, we warned against trusting Facebook and other 3rd party platforms to build a business. We watched in astonishment as newspaper execs, radio owners and small business operators thought the ‘free’ platforms of Facebook, Twitter & Youtube were a gift from heaven. These folks would ignore our warnings. Some would go so far as…
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Re-invent or Die. Radio DJ Transformed by The Internet

I spent 15 years as a Rock DJ in Philadelphia. Loved it. But then that damn inter-web thingy happened. In the late 90’s, I had my dream job; mid-days after Howard Stern. 94 WYSP, the biggest Rock station in Philly. That gig was so cool, that I didn’t mind filtering out the static coming from my…
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