Clunky CMS Hurts Local News Website

We see this at many local media companies we visit. TV, Radio and Newspapers actually lose money with their news websites…due to their online publishing platform or CMS.

In most cases, local Print and Broadcast operators use a vendor supplied ‘content management system’, better known as a CMS. Clunky, ugly, difficult to use and expensive is how frustrated managers describe their nightmare of an online publishing system. This has a direct effect on revenue.

At one time, the ‘one size fits all’ CMS really was the only way to go. This was due to the expense and high level of expertise needed for designing, hosting and maintaining the platform. Those days are over my friend. As with all technology, prices come down, with functionality and choice going up.

With third party CMS companies, let’ say you want to add a simple video player, a different ad unit, a social media tool or an email capture widget. You’ll have to pay thru the teeth for that. Or…. you’ll be forced to upgrade your contract. Of course, the vendor will make you sign a 12 month contract to boot.

That’s no way to run a business, especially in the fast changing, online publishing space. How to fix this problem?

Run away from vendors that lock you into ‘their’ system. Why be bound by the parameters set by a third party vendor who can’t cater to your individual, always changing needs.

Seriously consider At one time, this open-source publishing platform was mainly used for blogging. Today, it’s a fastest growing, full blown, content management system. It’s making life easier for any individual or company looking for a powerful, inexpensive and easy to use system of communication.

Teach the basics of WordPress. Not just the newsroom and webmaster, but sales, marketing and management. If you can use Microsoft WORD or FaceBook, you can use WordPress.

  1. Sales reps: Create ‘landing pages’ devoted to your client’s downloadable coupon….WITHOUT having to beg the webmaster to build something.
  2. Management: Easily post the latest rate cards, one-sheets, and training materials on a special, password protected section of your website
  3. Learn from leaders: Big media like CNN and CBS use WordPress. Smaller, Hyper-local organizations like have benefited too.

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2 thoughts on “Clunky CMS Hurts Local News Website”

  1. Alfred Charles

    Can we say definitively that open source platforms, such as WordPress, are the death knell for CMS companies? I’m not so sure we can. Perhaps we’re waiting for a more evolved CMS provider to enter the field.

  2. MelTaylorMedia

    Alfred, I don’t think CMS companies will go away. But I do think that Publishers will have more choice in platforms. That’s a good thing. A big reason I like WordPress…is that you can pivot, tweak & upgrade functionality quickly. If you have noticed, some 3rd party vendors have adopted many concepts from WordPress.
    The Widgets and Plug-ins used with WordPress give you incredible flexibility…at a low cost. Email, Video, Texting and Social Media tools are easily implemented at a fraction of the cost of those ‘big name’ vendors… being touted at most conferences.

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