Editor & Publisher Calls Out John Paton

Did you read the latest copy of Editor and Publisher?

Looks like this popular, newspaper journal is putting one of it’s own… on the hot seat. John Paton of Digital First Media, seems to be called out by managing editor; Kristina Ackerman. Some suggest that the news industry has blindly followed the recommendations of those who might not have our best interests in mind. As newsrooms continue to get downsized, and publishing days reduced, maybe it’s time we recognize the 800 pound gorilla in the room?

Watch the video below.

2 thoughts on “Editor & Publisher Calls Out John Paton”

  1. I still don’t understand all the hand wringing over Digital First or Not. Newspapers, TV Stations, Radio (in some cases) create Local CONTENT and it’s unique to that market. The real question is how to monetize it on different distribution platforms, not argue which makes most sense to emphasize. The audience is fragmenting and advertisers are chasing more and more outlets to spend with to get their message out, this trend will continue and organizations need to manage their cost structures (Bankruptcy is a legitimate way to do this, now a competent manager should be able to do this without having to go to bankruptcy multiple times), deliver content to multiple platforms and monetize it on each. It’s not that complicated but too many “leaders” are paralyzed and afraid of making mistakes, which means all the change that is going on eventually overwhelms them and causes the carnage we see today. Give Advance credit, they are doing something about this proactively (may or may not be the right model, but they’re not sitting on their hands saying they can’t change).

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