Publishers & Owners: Demand Web ROI

Here’s a peek at the latest keynote speech I’m preparing to deliver.

Each year, we throw capital and manpower at the insatiable beast known as the Internet. Usually with crappy results. We’re now forced to take a much closer look at the digital ROI of our newspapers, management teams, and the feasibility of some questionable, interactive business plans.

Public/private equity ( Alden Global Capital ) and owner/operators have grave concerns about two newspaper issues: their limited success with digital revenue, and the rapid growth and lofty valuations of Huffington Post, Groupon, Reach Local and Patch. Making matters worse, these new players are going after the same budgets that newspapers have gorged and relied on for decades.

This eye-opening session is not about online sales tips & editorial tricks. It’s not a ‘future is bright if we only change’ lecture. Rather, we call out the 800 lb. elephant in the room: why don’t we run our websites like our print business? ( where profit, margins and realistic tactics always come first )

Mel Taylor Media has first-hand knowledge of these issues, and the specific fixes that should be considered and applied. Mel Taylor has spent over 15 years working with both traditional media and online-only ventures, in their pursuit of building a profitable, online business. Mel’s ability to clearly communicate the issues and actionable remedies will make this session immediately valuable to all who attend.

Analysis & recommendation delivered in framework that will resonate with:

  • Publishers, owner / operators, COO, CEO, CFO’s
  • Financial institutions, private & public equity, industry analysts

Session also provides insight and specific recommendation about:

  • Determining digital asset valuations when buying or selling a media property
  • Is my property operating efficiently as possible?
  • Low cost & no cost technologies/tactics to consider.
  • Why, when and how to outsource & automate
  • Buy, build or partner? Mergers & acquisitions. The digital media roll-up is on!
  • What’s better — being an aggregator or aggregatee? Paywall pros & cons
  • Financial benefits of a ‘digital first’ strategy & employee culture
  • Is your VP of Digital primarily focused on profitability or page views?
  • Potential legal implications of aggregation, search, and fair use
  • Workflow, management & compensation. Breaking common chokepoints
  • Overview of key competitors going after local advertising budgets

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